The time has come to get some great skateboarding lessons for your Child!

“Yes, I (or a loved one) want to be coached by a qualified, professionally certified & experienced Go Skate instructor to learn the basics or more of skateboarding skill sets. Who are some Go Skate instructors serving my area?”

“Can we provide lessons in your area?”
With over 1300 pre-screened instructors, and America’s largest skateboard lesson providers, we are able to serve most of the United States, and even abroad. If we are unable to, we will refer you to another local skate school who can help you.

“Is there a skate park near me?”
Most of our students take lessons in their driveway, or if there is a flat smooth surface nearby, we can use that as well. The exact location will be determined by your local instructor based upon your ability and what you would like to learn.

“What is the expense associated with skateboarding lessons?”
We find that skateboarding lessons can fit within most budgets – starting at just $97. Our online course is 4+ hours of content and a great choice. Also, the more lessons in a package, the lower the rate per lesson will be.

“I don’t have a skateboard.”
We can rent or supply all of the equipment you need. There are several recommendations that we can make based upon what tricks you are trying to learn, your size, and how often you skateboard.

“Can I choose my own instructor?”
Joining Go Skate’s instructional team is one of the most coveted and difficult tasks for professional instructors. Our hiring department get hundreds of applications each week, keeping only the top 2% of instructors. All instructors have earned a national certification in safety by passing a rigorous training, background checks, and exam.

“Am I too old or too young to skateboard?”

Whether you are 4 or 100, you can absolutely learn the Go Skate way of skateboarding right in your own driveway.

So far, we’ve taught 15,167 lessons in all 50 states in just 5 years.


One of the Best Skateboarders in the Industry

skateboarders performing tricks

Tony Hawk, a standout amongst the best vertical genius skateboarders on the planet, arrived “The 900″ at the 1999 X-Games after he tried a number of times and failed. It was past regulation time in any case, before he finally managed to hit the big time with an awesome trick. Sell twice arrived on his prepare to leave, yet it flew out from under him. When he at long last finished the trap, his arms windmilled and his hand scarcely brushed the ramp.   Nonetheless, he rode away.

Proposals about wheel brands welcome, as well. I’ve seen the Powell changes and constantly enjoyed those once upon a time. What’s more I see that Element makes delicate wheels now yet I don’t know anything about them. Any filmers out there with a sentiment?

He was granted first place in the “Best Trick” occasion regardless of heading over as far as possible. At a later X-Games, Hawk arrived the trap once more, this time amid regulation time. In his book, the 900 was the keep going on the list of things to get of traps Hawk had composed 10 years prior. Different traps on the rundown incorporated the ollie 540, kickflip 540, and varial 720. In a 1999 meeting, Hawk said he doesn’t have “any longing to turn further”.[2] He did, nonetheless, effectively arrive the trap amid press meetings for the feature amusement Tony Hawk: Ride and at the “Tony Hawk: RIDE Presents Stand Up for Skate Parks” event.   Even in 2011 Hawk was still fit to land his renowned 900 and posted a feature of the trap by means of his Twitter record expressing “I’m 43 and I did a 900 today

Skateboarding is an activity sport which includes riding and performing traps utilizing a skateboard. Skateboarding can likewise be viewed as a recreational action, a fine art, a vocation, or a strategy for transportation.  Skateboarding has been formed and impacted by numerous skateboarders as the years progressed and has had an enormous impact on The development of a generation.  It has been found over time that the skateboarding business sector is worth an expected $4.8 billion in yearly income with 11.08 million dynamic skateboarders in the world.

Since fourty years ago, skate boarding parks have been built particularly for utilization by skateboarders, Freestyle Bmxers, roller bladers, and as of late, scooters.

Unending waxed controls, stairs, and rails anticipate all enthusiastic skateboarder

Most loved spot to pound? Little Village Chinese Food. Interests outside of skateboarding? Making mixtapes, working,skateboarding is essentially my life.

I’d want to purchase nearby, obviously, however the shops I thought about in DC have all shut, and I’m searching for particular things normal shops may not convey at any rate.

I’m looking to purchase a set of enormous, delicate (85a- ish) wheels and some good, outdated delicate risers (not hard plastic ones). Does anybody have any recommendations for online spots? I’ve googled a bit, and the spots I have known about (like CCS) had poop choice, and I don’t know much about different destinations.

Proposals about wheel brands welcome, as well. I’ve seen the Powell changes and constantly enjoyed those once upon a time. What’s more I see that Element makes delicate wheels now yet I don’t know anything about them. Any filmers out there with a sentiment?

See that is the thing, I’m not by any means searching for a deck. I need a consistent estimated prepare to leave so I can set it up for inclines/road in the event that I feel like it, yet change over it to a cruiser more often than not. No space in my little ass loft for various sheets lol. On the off chance that I had a nickel for each old exhausted pair of OJII’s I had in my guardian’s carport…

Why Every Parent Should Let Their Kids Skateboard

Why Every Parent Should Let Their Kids Skateboard

skateboarding at the park
skateboarding at the park

cute girl on a skateboard
Kids Skateboards can be a challenging but very gratifying activity for youngsters. When a beginner skateboard first gets on the board he or she will find that learning is not as difficult as they expected.

Skateboarding is an exciting and very fun activity to be involved in. It requires the physical strength and capability of an individual thus making it a good exercise for all, especially for young boys and girls who wish to buy skateboards.

To encourage the children to engage in sports and physical activities, parents buy street skateboards. This will help the children avoid sedentary activities all the time.

Boys’ skateboarding has several benefits:

1. Helps the kid to have and maintain a good healthy and active body. It’s a physical activity and a popular sport.

2. It teaches the kid how to balance through certain techniques. This also helps the boys and girls develop strength and agility.

3. It helps children with certain respiratory dysfunctions and asthma by increasing lung capacity. Once involved in skateboarding, breathing gets to normal and fatigue is lessened.

4. Lifting self esteem. Boys involved in skateboarding tend to have higher levels of self-confidence. This is because skateboarding showcases their abilities and talents unlike those leading inactive lifestyles.

5. It encourages them to do their best to pull-off hard skateboarding tricks and maneuvers. Being good in the sport gives the children a great feeling of accomplishment.  Check out: Google for information about this

Skateboards teach the child to think logically when it comes to doing skateboarding tricks on girl skateboards or kids skateboards. It enhances their stamina and enables them to withstand endless hours of practice. Above all, skateboarding promotes healthy minds and bodies and wards off sedentary lifestyle practices. Through skateboarding one can meet and make new friends. It helps build the social life of the child

Safety issues with boys skateboards

Boys and girls skateboard are safe to use so it is ok to buy skateboards. Most come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and shapes. Parents can purchase them in sporting houses or stores, which can be purchased online. Children skateboards are not expensive boards really. Accessories such as new wheels and safety gear are also available. Parents might consider getting safety equipment like a helmet to ensure that the head of the child is protected from any accidents that might occur. Here is a great website to buy skateboards for your youngsters online